About Amerifilm

Solely owned and operating in NYC since 1986 by its founder Meredith Jacobson Marciano, Amerifilm prides itself on providing casting services and producing films around the world in a variety of genres. See our imdb page for recent work:


For a trip down memory lane – view our vintage retro original website – created 20 years ago! You can see some cute little images (grabbed off VHS tapes) of previous casting jobs. That website was neglected over the last many years, as imdb became the resume and social media pages replaced posting casting calls. But it’s still cute.


Meredith has been practicing photography and filmmaking since USC days (in the photo lab pictured to the left). All photos on this site by Meredith (unless of Meredith!)

More photos here: https://www.lomography.com/homes/meredithjm